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Online Coding Expo will provide the best training on salesforce CRM Modules. This course starts with the need and essentials of a cloud platform. And then moves with basics of Salesforce CRM.It then covers with a variation of salesforce Classic and lightning.






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-Cloud Computing Overview

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
  • Deployment Models
  • Introduction to CRM
  • How can CRM help
  • Evolution of CRM
  • Advantages of CRM

-A view of available of CRM Products

    • Introduction to Salesforce CRM
    • What is
    • Salesforce CRM Overview
    • Why Salesforce
    • Understanding Salesforce Architecture
    • Services Provided by Salesforce
    • Salesforce Vs Other Cloud
    • Market Demand for Salesforce CRM.
    • Job Market and growth in CMR industry.
    • Salesforce Editions, Licenses and Pricing
    • Salesforce Sandboxes (Dev, QA, Full, Prod.)
    • Creating First SFDC Dev Account
    • CRM Editions
    • Navigation – Overview
    • Creating Salesforce Developer Account

-Salesforce Applications

  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud
  • Rapid application Development, Cost Reduction & Quality Products

-Salesforce Certifications

  • Certified Administration (201)
  • Certified Advanced Administration (211)
  • Salesforce certified platform developer 1 (PD1 401)
  • Salesforce certified platform developer 2 (PD2 501)

-Organization Setup

  • Salesforce Quick Navigation Walk Through
  • Popular Std. Objects and their purpose
  • Set up Menu Intro (Various OOB and Dev Options)
  • Popular in different other objects
  • Organization prole, Currency etc.
  • Salesforce User Interface Overview


    • Objects in Salesforce

Types of objects available in salesforce

Standard Objects

Custom Objects

Use of Standard Objects and Custom Objects in Salesforce

Difference between standard and custom object

Limitations of Standard Objects

    • Tabs in Salesforce

Introduction to tab

Assigning tab to object

Types of Tab – Custom Object Tabs, Visualforce, Web tab, Lightning Page tabs

    • Intro on various Data Types/Fields

Various data type fields creation

Standard Data types

Read only Data types

Relational Data types

Roll-Up Summary Fields and its features.

Limitations of Roll-up Summary Fields

Required, External Id, Default Value and Unique fields

    • Object Relationships

Introduction to Relationships

Need of Relationships in salesforce

Brief on Types of relationship

Master-Details, Lookup, Self-relationship, External lookup relationship, Indirect lookup relationship, Many-to-many relationships (Junction object), Hierarchical relationship

Deep in to Junction object

Use of Junction object.

Difference between master-detail and lookup relationship

How to convert lookup to master details and vice Versa.

    • Workflows in Salesforce

Defining Workflows

Workow Rules

Types of evaluation criteria in Workow rules

Introduction to Approval Process

Understanding Approval steps, Approval actions, Rejection actions

Introduction to process builder and its action

What is the difference between workow and process builder

Workflow Actions

        • Email Alert
        • Task Create
        • Field Update
        • Outbound Message

Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

Workflow Vs Trigger

Email Templates Overview

Email Templates for Email Notications

Sending Email Templates

      • Sending Single emails
      • Sending Mass emails.
    • Types of Templates

HTML (Using Letter Head)

Custom HTML (without using letter head)

Visual force Email Templates

    • Formula Fields and Validation rules

Understanding of formula fields

Purpose of formula field

Types of formula field in salesforce

Text/Logic/Math/Date functions & Other popular functions

Introduction to cross object formula

What is the need for object formula

Introduction to validation rule, Need, and Various popular functions

What is the difference between the formula field and Rollup summary in Salesforce

Time Table


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


There are no specific criteria for the people to enrol for the course. Anyone with a basic degree can enrol in this course.
Enrolling into Salesforce training does not have mandatory prospects. But It’s good if the candidate has the basic knowledge of cloud computing.
Since the dependence on the Cloud platform is increasing day-to-day and to increase the CRM, knowledge in this course is essential. Hence you should enrol in this course.
In this course, you will hands-on experience on Salesforce CRM platform by real-time experts with practical use cases.
This Salesforce training gives you hands-on enjoy on Salesforce CRM platform and makes you to clear Salesforce Certification.
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Java Certification Course Reviews

Zara Khan
Zara Khan
Read More
This topic about cloud computing is really informative and insightful. Appreciate it! A lot of information I have gained from this course. Indeed, help me a for cloud development in my institution.
Amol Ratan
Amol Ratan
Read More
Good introductory course to Cloud computing concepts. It would help if the course design included key downloadable slides which students can use as reference in the future.
Irshad Ahmad
Irshad Ahmad
Read More
easy to learn and effective, anyone who needs to get more understanding on Cloud Computing, I preferred to take this course. It started from the fundamentals.
Shree Gehtol
Shree Gehtol
Read More
Very good start to learning about Cloud Computing. It covers the wide range of topics involved with cloud computing and has many use cases and examples to help with understanding each subtopic.

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