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CodingExpo will provide the best Cloud Computing courses developed with real-time industry exposure to make you aware of various cloud concepts and services.After learning this course, you will have in-depth information of cloud-hosting, deployment, architecture, services, etc.






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  • A Short history
  • Client Server Computing Concepts
  • Challenges with Distributed Computing
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why Cloud Computing
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing


In this module, you will learn about the introduction to compute offering from AWS called EC2. We will cover different instance types and Amazon AMIs. A demo on launching an AWS EC2 instance, connect with an instance and host ing a website on AWS EC2 instance. We will also cover EBS storage Architecture (AWS persistent storage) and the concepts of AMI and snapshots.

  • Amazon EC2
  • EC2 Pricing
  • EC2 Type
  • Installation of Web server and manage like (Apache/ Nginx)
  • Amazon EBS
  • Demo of AMI Creation
  • Backup, Restore
  • Exercise
  • Mock
  • Hands on both Linux and Windows


  • Versioning
  • Static website
  • Policy
  • Permission
  • Cross region Replication
  • Mount Point with S3
  • Life cycle
  • Classes of Storage
  • AWS CloudFront
  • Real scenario Practical
  • Hands-on all above


Identify the benefits and considerations of using cloud services Cloud Computing Basics
  • Identify the benefits of cloud computing, such as High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity,
  • Agility, and Disaster Recovery
  • Identify the differences between Capital Expenditure (Cap Ex) and Operational
  • Expenditure (Op Ex)
  • Describe the consumption-based model
Describe the differences between categories of cloud services
  • Describe the shared responsibility model
  • Describe Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),
  • Describe Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Describe server less computing
  • Describe Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Identify a service type based on a use case
  • Configuration Management with Ansible:
  • In In this module, you will learn to Install Ansible and Configure Ansible Roles. You will also learn to write Playbooks and finally Execute Ad-Commands using Ansible.
Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Installation
  • Configuring Ansible Roles
  • Write Playbooks
  • Executing Adhoc Command & Installing Ansible
  • Configuring Ansible Role & Write Playbooks
  • Execute Adhoc Commands
  • Containerization using Kubernetes:
In this module, you will learn the basics of Kubernetes and its Integration with Docker.
  • Revisiting Kubernetes Cluster Architecture
  • Spinning up a Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu VMs
  • Exploring your Cluster
  • Understanding YAML
  • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
  • Creating a Service in Kubernetes
  • Installing Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Deploying an App using Dashboard
  • Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes
  • Containers and Container Orchestration
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Setting up the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Accessing your application through service
  • Deploying an app through Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Rolling updates in Kubernetes
Jenkins (Continuous Integration)
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
I In this module, you will know how to perform Continuous Integration using Jenkins by Building and Automating Test Cases using Maven
  • Jenkins Management
  • Adding a Slave Node to Jenkins
  • Building Delivery Pipeline
  • Pipeline as a Code
  • Implementation of Jenkins
  • Build the Pipeline of Jobs using Jenkins
  • Create a Pipeline Script to Deploy an Application over the Tomcat Server
  • Continuous Deployment: Containerization with Docker:
This module introduces Docker to Readers, the Core Concepts and Technology behind Docker. Learn in detail about Container and various Operations Performed on it.
  • Shipping Transportation Challenges
  • Introducing Docker
  • Understanding Images and Containers
  • Running Hello World in Docker
  • Introduction to Container
  • Container Life Cycle
  • Sharing and Copying
  • Base Image & Docker File
  • Working with Containers
  • Publishing Image on Docker Hub
  • Create and Implement Docker Images and Containers

Time Table


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


Any individual who wants to study Cloud Computing should know any of the programming languages. To make a career in Database , networking, and so on streams, one should learn all of the concepts of Cloud that are included in the Cloud Computing course.
Anybody having prior programming experience or knowledge of Database , programming languages may also choose this course easily.
The Cloud Computing Online Course will help you to get practical knowledge of numerous features of Cloud service and its applications with real-time examples.
The Beginner Cloud Computing Course from CodingExpo will give you real-time industry experience from Cloud Computing specialists with practical knowledge that will help you to develop as much as an expert level.
After getting certified in our Cloud Computing Online Training, you can expect yourself to work in a higher position with good skills & could earn the best profits also.
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Zara Khan
Zara Khan
Read More
This topic about cloud computing is really informative and insightful. Appreciate it! A lot of information I have gained from this course. Indeed, help me a for cloud development in my institution.
Amol Ratan
Amol Ratan
Read More
Good introductory course to Cloud computing concepts. It would help if the course design included key downloadable slides which students can use as reference in the future.
Irshad Ahmad
Irshad Ahmad
Read More
easy to learn and effective, anyone who needs to get more understanding on Cloud Computing, I preferred to take this course. It started from the fundamentals.
Shree Gehtol
Shree Gehtol
Read More
Very good start to learning about Cloud Computing. It covers the wide range of topics involved with cloud computing and has many use cases and examples to help with understanding each subtopic.

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