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CodingExpo provides the next level AWS or Amazon Web Services Training on a cloud-computing platform that offers secure cloud services, database storage, content delivery & other functions that help businesses to scale up.






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  • Introduction to AW
  •  Course Components and Exam Format
    •  Overview of AWS
    • AWS Infrastructure Part 1
    •  AWS Infrastructure Part 2
    •  AWS Infrastructure Part 3
    • AWS Infrastructure Part 4
    • Overview of AWS Core Services
    • Amazon EC2
    • EKS
    •  Lightsail
    • AWS Batch

    • Elasti
    • 2.12 AWS Fargate
    • 2.13 AWS Lambda
    • 2.14 SAR Serverless Application Repository
    • 2.15 Storage Service
    • 2.16 S3 Simple Storage Service
    • 2.17 EFS Elastic File System
    • 2.18 EBS Elastic Block Storage
    • 2.19 AWS Backup
    • 2.20 Storage Gateway
    • 2.21 Data Sync
    • 2.22 AWS Transfer Family
    • 2.23 AWS Snow Family
    • 2.24 Database Services
    • 2.25 RDS Relational Database Services
    • 2.26 Amazon Redshift
    • 2.27 DynamoDB
    • 2.28 Elasticache
    • 2.29 DocumentDB
    • 2.30 Neptune
    • 2.31 QLDB Quantum Ledger Database
    • 2.32 AWS Account Set Up
    • 2.33 AWS Free Tier
    • 2.34 Introduction to AWS Management Console
    • 2.35 AWS Billing
    • 2.36 AWS Support
    • 2.37 Biling Alerts
    • 2.38 Delegate Access
    • 2.39 Delegate Access Using IAM Roles
    • 2.40 AWS Identity and Access Management IAM
    • 2.41 IAM Features
    • 2.42 Accessing IAM
    • 2.43 Working of IAM
    • 2.44 IAM User
    • 2.45 AWS Command Line Interface AWS CLI
    • 2.46 Key Takeaways
    • Learning Objective
    • Assisted Practice Create an AMI image
    • Placement Group
    • Cluster Placement Groups
    • Spread Placement Groups
    • EC2 Instance Metadata
    • Assisted Practice User data and Metadata Installing apps when launching an instance
    • Assisted Practice EC2 IAM Roles to Access S3
    • EC2
    • Spot Instance Interruptions
    • Reasons for Interruption
    • Hibernation for EC2 Instances
    • Assisted Practice Launch and connect to a Windows instance
    • EBS
    •  Amazon EBS vs Instance Store
    • EBS Security
    • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing
    • What is AWS Lambda
    • Assisted Practice Launch WebServer Instances
    •  Assisted Practice Classic Load Balancer
    • Assisted Practice Application Load Balancer
    • Assisted Practice Routing Requests in ALB
    •  Assisted Practice Network Load Balancer
    •  ELB Logs
    •  Auto Scaling
    •  Assisted Practice Manual and Dynamic Scaling
    • Assisted Practice Auto Scaling with Launch Templates
    • Key Takeaways
    •  Learning Objective
    • Introduction to Amazon S3
    • Components of Amazon S3
    • Amazon S3 Storage Classes Part 1
    •  Amazon S3 Storage Classes Part 2
    • Assisted Practice Create an S3 Storage Bucket
    • Version Control in Amazon S3 Part 1
    • Version Control in Amazon S3 Part 2
    • Assisted Practice Configuring S3 Bucket Versioning
    • S3 Lifecycle Management
    • Assisted Practice Age Based Retention
    • Assisted Practice S3 Intelligent Tiering Archive Configuration
    •  Access Controls
    • Amazon S3 Replication
    •  Assisted Practice Replication of Objects from Source to Destination Bucket
    • Performance Guidance for S3 File Gateway
    • Storage Gateway Part 1
    • Storage Gateway Part 2
    • S3 Encryption Part 1
    • S3 Encryption Part 2
    • Assisted Practice Server side Encryption Using S3 and KMS
    •  Elastic File System
    • Amazon FSx
    •  Assisted Practice Create and Mount EFS on a Linux Server
    • Assisted Practice Creation and Deletion of Customer Managed
    • Unauthorized Link Access
    • AWS Glue Data
    • Assisted Practice Creation of a Glue Data Catalog
    • Amazon Athena
    • Assisted Practice Query with Athena
    • Key Takeaways
    • Learning Objectives
    • Firewall Security Group
    • Firewall Network ACL NACL
    •  IP Addresses
    • Assisted Practice How to Create KeyPair for EC2
    • Assisted Practice Default VPC Walk Through
    • Assisted Practice Explore Network ACL Firewall and Features
    • VPC Flow Sequence of Steps Part 1
    • VPC Flow Sequence of Steps Part 2
    • Assisted Practice VPC Flow Log
    • Internet Gateways
    • Interface Endpoint
    • Gateway Endpoints Peering Connection and Transit Gateway
    • Assisted Practice Public and Private Subnets Route Table NAT
    • Default VPC Flow Log Resource Access Manager and NAT sou
    • Assisted Practice VPC Endpoint
    •  Assisted Practice Peering Connection Cross Region
    • Private Link and Bastion Host
    • AWS Systems Manager
    •  VPN Part 1
    • VPN Part 2
    • Direct Connect
    • Direct Connect Costs
    • CloudFront
    • Lambda Edge
    • CloudFront Security
    • Assisted Practice CloudFront Distribution with S3 Origin
    •  Assisted Practice Cache Configuration and Invalidation invalidate cache
    • Assisted Practice Origin Access Identity OAI
    • Amazon Global Accelerator
    • AWS Global Audience
    • Assisted Practice Global Accelerator
    • Route 53
    •  Introduction to DNSRoute 53 Policies
    • Route 53 Health Checks and Best Practices
    • Route 53 Limitations and Prices
    •  Keytakeaways
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Introduction to Relational Database Service RDS
    • RDS Part 1
    • RDS Part 2
    • Read Replicas and RDS Costs
    •  Introduction to Amazon Aurora
    • Aurora DB Cluster Types and Aurora Serverless
    • Aurora Multi Master and Costs
    • Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB
    • Global Tables Read and Write Operations
    •  Global and Local Secondary Indexes

    •  Amazon DynamoDB Benefits Case Study and Costs
    •  Amazon DynamoDB Features
    •  Apache Cassandra and Amazon DocumentDB
    •  Introduction to Amazon ElastiCache
    •  Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and Memcached
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Assisted Practice Create Table Store and Read Items in Dynam
    • Assisted Practice DynamoDB Global Table
    • Assisted Practice RDS Query Data Using Query Editor in Redshift
    •  Assisted Practice RDS MySQL
    •  Key Takeaways
    • earning Objectives
    • Responsibility Models in AWS
    •  Federation
    • Security is Job Zero AWS Security Process
    • AWS IAM
    •  What is IAM Policy
    •  Inline Policy
    •  Amazon Resource Naming ARN 
    • AWS Service Principal
    • Principle
    •  Conditional Access
    • Implicit Deny
    •  Permission Boundary
    • IAM Roles
    • Cross Account Policy
    •  The Confused Deputy
    •  AWS Cognito
    •  Cloud Tower
    •  Assisted Practice Identity Based Policy Implicit Deny Explicit Allow
    • Assisted Practice Policy Generator Managed Policy Versions Groups
    • Assisted Practice Resource based policy Policy Generator Principals
    •  Assisted Practice Conditional Variables Restrict Access By IP
    •  Assisted Practice Restrict Access to VPC Endpoint
    •  Assisted Practice Cross account Management Console access using IAM Roles
    •  Cloud Security
    •  WAF
    • Assisted Practice AWS WAF
    • Shield
    • Benefits of AWS Shield
    • Secrets Manager
    •  Secrets Manager Administrator Permissions
    •  Secrets Manager Concepts
    •  Systems Manager
    •  AWS Config
    •  Assisted Practice AWS Config S3 Bucket Encryption Compliance
    •  AWS Inspector Trusted
    • Advisor AWS Insector Access
    • Trusted Advisor
    • Assisted Practice AWS Inspector for Network Reachability Vulnerability and Host Hardening
    • Assisted Practice Trusted Advisor
    • GuardDuty
    • GuardDuty Managing Findings from Multiple Accounts
    •  Available Regions
    •  Macie
    •  Other Security Services
    • Setting Up Integration with AWS Security Hub
    • Detective
    • IAM Access Analyzer
    • Patch Manager
    • Key Takeaways
    • Learning Objectives
    • Lambda Part 1
    • Lambda Part 2
    • Assisted Practice Create Lambda Function Test and View Logs
    • Assisted Practice Lambda Layers
    • API Gateway
    • Assisted Practice Serverless Web App
    • SQS Introduction
    • SQS Security and Performance
    • Assisted Practice SQS Standard Queue Visibility Timeout DLQ
    • Assisted Practice SQS FIFO Queue Deduplication ID Message Group
    • SNS
    •  EventBridge
    • Assisted Practice SNS Topic Fanout S3 Event Notification
    • Kinesis Part 1
    • Kinesis Part 2
    • Assisted Practice Kinesis Data Streams
    • Assisted Practice Firehose Publish Streaming Data to Firehose from CLI and Store in S3
    •  Key Takeaways
    • Learning Objectives
    •  CloudWatch
    • CloudWatch Metrics
    • CloudWatch Alarms
    • CloudWatch Logs
    •  Assisted Practice Stop Idle Instance using CloudWatch Alarms
    • Assisted Practice Cloud watch Logs Metric Filter Plot
    •  Introduction to CloudFormation and Concept
    • Types of Templates
    •  Condition Section
    •  Intrinsic Functions and Pseudo Parameters
    • Assisted Practice Delete Stack and Resources put in theory as 2 slides

    •  Assisted Practice Create S3 and Ec2 Bucket using Cloud Formation
    • Assisted Practice Updated an Existing Stack
    • Assisted Practice Input Parameters Update an exisiting stack
    • Assisted Practice Deletion Policy
    • Intrinsic Functions and Pseudo Parameters
    •  Assisted Practice Auto scaling ELB Web Server create key pair
    •  Assisted Practice Resource Group for grouping related resources
    • CloudFormation Best practice
    • Key Takeaways
    • Learning Objectives
    • Containers and Container Orchestration

    •  Amazon Elastic Container Registry ECR
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service ECS
    • ECS Launch Types and Use Cases
    •  Dynamic Port Mapping
    • Assited Practice Run Hello World Container on EC2 Instance
    •  Assisted Practice Create Container Repository Using ECR and Push Images in It
    •  Assisted Practice Create an EC2 Cluster a Task Definition and Then Run the Task
    • Assisted Practice Dynamic Port Integration with Application Load Balancer

    •  AWS Fargate
    •  Assisted Practice Run Task on a Fargate Cluster
    • Assisted Practice Fargate with Application Load Balancer
    •  Key Takeaways

    Time Table


    6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


    6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


    6:00pm - 9:00pm EST


    The humans involved to make their career in the cloud domain and want to enhance skills in this regard can take up this course. Moreover, the training is also quality suited for DevOps Professionals, People from IT Infrastructure, and Professionals with experience in AWS solutions deployment & migration, and so on.
    There are no prospects to join the AWS Course. People who know the basics of networking, virtualization, and basic programming skills are good enough.
    The AWS Certification Training from IT Guru will assist you to get practical knowledge of AWS, Cloud services, cloud computing, with real-time examples.
    The AWS Online Course with IT Guru will provide you real-time industry experience on designing & developing applications at the AWS platform, etc through experts.
    After getting certified in our AWS Training, you can expect yourself to work in a higher role within your company with a good salary too.
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    Good introductory course to Cloud computing concepts. It would help if the course design included key downloadable slides which students can use as reference in the future.
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    easy to learn and effective, anyone who needs to get more understanding on Cloud Computing, I preferred to take this course. It started from the fundamentals.
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    Very good start to learning about Cloud Computing. It covers the wide range of topics involved with cloud computing and has many use cases and examples to help with understanding each subtopic.

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